Wednesday, September 10, 2008

day 3 and 4..

maxene has to stay at the nursery for 10 days. she gets injected with antibiotics 3 times a day to fight off an infection.

i was discharged from the hospital last september 8th. it was the second day of her treatment.

me and dennis went to the hospital to visit her yesterday. dennis went to the hospital alone today because i wasn't allowed to go out. damn rain! hehe.

we found out yesterday that maxene is now undergoing phototherapy. she stays under the blue light for a couple of minutes, three or four times a day. we asked her pedia why she needs it. she told us that maxene's skin is turning yellow, so she needed the light. but it's only until today.

but there's also some good news. the doctor will request for another blood count on her 7th day. if the white blood cells count lowers to normal, she can go home early. :)

here's a picture i took after i breastfed her:

sinong kamukha?


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