Monday, May 15, 2006

0% werk..

what a monday..

the day started with a team meeting.. and as what our SPO emphasized so dearly, was the first team meeting of the year.. hehe..

well, as expected if you have teammates as goofy as mine, we were all making fun of each other and spent half the day laughing.. and eating MOCCA mamon.. yum!!! ^-^

and then came MERIENDA..

this was one of my teammates last day at the office.. so we decided to treat her with pizza.. some people (ehem, like us) just can't get enough pizza.. teehee.. and coke!!

and with such festive(??) spirit, who can work? ;p

some people can't even wait.. hehe..



Saturday, May 13, 2006

unleashing the dragon..

it's been one hell of a summer for me..

and being offered a chance to go to the US of A is a good thing to cap things off..

it started by being called for an interview by a company where i have passed my resume almost 3 months ago..

the interview did moderately well but i didn't get my hopes up because they needed people with 2 years or more experience(ding!).. and they only needed 2.. by the way, TEN people were interviewed that day(dingdong!!)..

after 2 days, i received a text message from them asking my email address for instructions for further exams..

WHAT!!! exams??!! ano ba ito?!! kailangan ko bang dumaan sa butas ng karayom dito??!! nevertheless, i gave them my email address.. malay mo makapasa..

the email consists of instructions asking me for dates so they can schedule my psychological and IELTS exam.. and they are asking me for 5 character references (2 of which should be my FORMER supervisors)..

hey hey hey.. the psychological exam shouldn't be that hard.. i am very sure (though some friends thought otherwise) that i am not psycho-delusional.. i am sane, HONEST!!!

IELTS?!! hah! it should be easy for a bookworm like me.. by the way, i am hoarding IELTS review tapes and materials.. if you happen to have one, please lend it to me or ELSE!! i am also looking for films with the characters speaking with a british accent.. feel free to text me if you have one.. I'M DESPERATE!!

as for the character references, i have done it with a little help from friends.. i gave them infos about 2 friends, 1 former college professor and yes, my 2 immediate supervisor.. i haven't RESIGNED yet and this is my first job.. so where in the world will i get FORMER supervisors?? i am crossing my fingers that i am not anywhere near the area when my supervisors are being asked about my work performance by the HR of another company!! hehe..

there!! i just have to wait for a week to know my exam results (i'll be taking the psychological exam this friday and the IELTS exam the next day).. i hope i'll be posting good news by then..

by the way, an angel of a friend who is working in the said company told me i'm already in.. but until i am actually holding the employment contract with my hands, my ears are shut, my eyes are closed and my lips are murmuring prayers..



my hates..

1. shopping for jeans.. hay.. it has been my problem since my mom stopped picking all my clothes for me.. it would make the world such a better place if they would just make jeans a little bit longer here in the philippines.. hehe.. well, for me it would.. ;p

2. spicy foods.. considering that my mom is a bicolana but i just can't tolerate spicy food.. even with just a teeny weeny bit, i'll be screaming for WATER!!!

3. eating alone :< .. nuff said..

4. ants.. yeah.. we are taught to admire them.. how industrious and thrifty creatures they are.. yadda yadda yadda.. but they do BITE you know and it is so ITCHY!! and the worst thing is being bitten in a public place in a body part that you know and you wouldn't dream of scratching in front of everyone.. get my drift?? ;p i also LOOOOOOOOOOvvEEE sweets.. so you ants just f@#&*$$ GET OFF IT!!

5. mixed juices. i am talking about those mixed powder juices like orange-mango and stuff like that.. para sa akin kasi, pag ORANGE ORANGE lang.. pag PINEAPPLE PINEAPPLE lang.. damn! don't make my world a complicated place!! ;p just don't like the taste.. period..