Tuesday, August 22, 2006

giving up..

yes.. i am giving up.. i am giving up the hope that everything will fall into place.. just like before.. no.. it won't happen.. for now, i can say that.. he's too absorbed in his own world to be able to notice my feelings and expectations.. i knew that, maybe earlier in my subconsciousness, but i have always known it.. and i am also to blame, i know.. i act as if i couldn't care less.. that's what i am showing him.. the toughie me.. i don't want to be like this, really, but i've sunk too deep into this shit that i will just go with the flow.. if this will lead me into being so badly beaten and bruised again then i don't mind.. i have been in that state before, i'll just get up and fight back again.. or maybe i won't..

-- taken from my livejournal account..
revisiting previous thoughts and feelings..


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


they sure do make it tough for us lefties..

do you say:

that is RIGHT
that is correct??

alRIGHTy then

RIGHT of way
i believe i get to go first??

bill of RIGHTs
equality document??

do the RIGHT thing
follow the rules??

RIGHT person
compatible counterpart??

the present time??

you have no RIGHT
you have no business??

RIGHT away

i'll be RIGHT with you
please wait a moment??

i have every RIGHT
i've got the upper hand??

i guess i'm LEFT with more questions than answers..

you see what happens when a lefty gets bored?!?


Tuesday, August 1, 2006

thoughts on a rainy tuesday..

"i had mistaken his eyes for stars so i followed him where he went.. the sight of those stars made me dream and the dreams were beautiful but not more beautiful than the light of the stars i thought i saw in his eyes.. i chased the stars down to where they stopped and stayed still.. he saw me finally and he said, ever so gently, sorry, you've mistaken my eyes for stars and they're not.. and i said, oh, i see that now and maybe i should have been sad when he was looking at me.. they were not stars but they were just as bright, if not more so.. i know now that they are not stars, i told him, but i like them.. can i stay here to look at them?? i asked him and he smiled and said, yes, you can stay here and look at them.. so he let me stay and here i am and there i will be until he lets me go.."