Sunday, August 12, 2007

wala lang..

hehe.. i didn't know a lot of people cared.. :p

if i remember right by the end of the month it was 142.. :)

tamad ako magblog e.. tapos nakalimutan ko magprint screen nung last day ng july.. haha!


flying like superman..

my boss was an airforce pilot when he was younger.. now, he's a proud owner of a cessna skyhawk.. and still flies all the time..

since i'm about to leave pretty soon, he took me flying with him.. :D

i sat in the copilot seat.. hehe..

this is the controls and the oldskool gps system.. hehe..

it was a really nice, bright and sunshiny day.. we flew all over the town..

where we work..


and my apartment!

(zooming in..)

it was so cool! he told me that it could be a bumpy ride because of all the hot air that was rising from the ground.. but aside from a couple of small bumps, it was nothing..

but the coolest part is, HE LET ME STEERED THE PLANE! for a couple of minutes anyway..

and that's one thing to brag about! hehe.. not very many people have gotten the chance to steer a real plane! and i did! hahaha!

it was not very hard.. he told me that he taught his kids how to fly a plane before they even knew how to drive.. so i can do it!

now.. who will lend me a plane? :)